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Psychic Cindy is Specialized in the following disciplines:

Due to COVID-19 All services will recieve a compensation of 50% OFF

Psychic Energy Reading 

Recieve a powerful psychic reading with answers to all life questions and problems that you may encounter

Tarot Card Reading

Gain clarity from your past present and future with one of Psychic Cindy's Tarot Card readings

Palm Reading

Why wait until the future comes to fix it. Psychic Cindy will foretell your future just through the study of your palms

Love & Relationship Reading

Whether your experiencing problems in a relationship or marriage, or maybe just can't find the right soulmate, then a love and relationship is what you need.

Chakra Balancing & Aura Cleansing
Starts at $145

Energy Balancing and cleansing will get rid of all negative energy leaving you feeling amazing. This the work with incense, oil's, candles and spiritual routes from holy lands in countries to purify energies into renal obstacles. Or simply just to clear vibrations in your home or at work.

Spiritual Cleansing 
Starts at $145

If you feel like you are being attacked by negative vibrations or jealousy from others this is a common problem and sometimes we don't know what it is. That heavy burden that we try to go forward and there is something pushing us back. This could be a common cause of having spiritual blockages.i am able to assist on clearing and removing obstacles that are standing before you. Contact me for more information and many blessings.